As the hub for collaborations and partnerships in analytics and artificial intelligence at The University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, our mission is to conduct state-of-the-art research while nurturing the next generation of engineering talent.

We seek to translate and commercialize effective solutions in engineering and be a catalyst for our partners to make a significant and lasting impact in the global marketplace.

We have over a hundred faculty affiliates who apply analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to tackle issues in a variety of industry sectors. We facilitate research partnerships and provide support to match funds from government sources.


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Centre for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Located on University of Toronto campus

Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

55 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CARTE Leadership & Staff

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Assistant Director - Somayeh Sedat

Somayeh Sadat

Assistant Director

Dr. Somayeh Sadat is the Assistant Director at the Centre for Analytics and AI Engineering (CARTE), University of Toronto. At CARTE, she oversees the strategic direction on research, training and industry partnerships, as well as strategic communications plans. Dr. Sadat has extensive experience in building analytics capacity in private and public organizations through academic partnerships. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.


Alex Olson

Senior Research Associate

Alex Olson is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Toronto's Centre for Analytics and AI Engineering (CARTE). Holding both a master's and bachelor's degree in AI, Alex has strong technical expertise in artificial intelligence. Alex collaborates with researchers throughout the university to bring artificial intelligence benefits to new areas. In addition to research, Alex has ample experience teaching bootcamps on AI, making complex topics accessible to learners of various backgrounds. Alex's role involves collaboration with non-AI researchers, staff and industry partners, further emphasizing the ability to convey intricate AI concepts in a relatable way.

Faculty Affiliates

Aimy BazylakMIE
Alberto Leon-GarciaECE
Ali BereyhiECE
Ali HooshyarECE
Ali SheikholeslamiECE
Alison OlechowskiMIE
Andreas MoshovosECE
Angela SchoelligUTIAS
Ariel ChanChemE
Arun RamachandranChemE
Ashish KhistiECE
Azadeh KushkiBME
Azadeh YadollahiKITE
Babak TaatiCS
Baher AbdulhaiCivMin
Baochun LiECE
Ben LiangECE
Berj BardakjianECE & BME
Birsen DonmezMIE
Cari WhyneBME
Chandra Veer SinghMSE
Chi-Guhn LeeMIE
Chirag VariawaISTEP
Christopher BeckMIE
Christopher LawsonChemE
Christopher YipChemE & BME
Costas SarrisECE
Daeho KimCivMin
Daniel PosenCivMin
Daniela GalatroChemE
David JohnsECE
David LieECE
David Meyer (ne Taylor)CivMin
Deepa KundurECE
Dimitrios HatzinakosECE
Dionne AlemanMIE
Edmond YoungMIE
Eldan CohenMIE
Elham MarziISTEP
Elias KhalilMIE
Eric DillerMIE
Ervin SejdicECE
Fae AzhariCivMin & MIE
Farzad KhalvatiMIE
Frank GuChemE
Greg EvansChemE & ISTEP
Hai-Ling Margaret ChengBME & ECE
Heather MacLeanCivMin
Jason AndersonECE
Jason Hattrick-SimpersMSE
Jeffrey SiegelCivMin
Jonathan KellyUTIAS
Jonathan RocheleauBME
Jonathan RoseECE
José ZariffaBME
Jun NogamiMSE
Kamran EsmaeiliCivMin
Khandker Nurul HabibCivMin
Konstantinos PlataniotisECE
Lisa RomkeyISTEP
Marianne TouchieCivMin
Mariano ConsensMIE
Mark ChignellMIE
Mark S. FoxMIE & CS
Michael GartonBME
Michael GruningerMIE
Michael GuerzhoyMIE
Naomi MatsuuraBME & MSE
Nicolas PapernotECE
Ofer LeviECE & BME
Oh-Sung KwonCivMin
Paul GauvreauCivMin
Penney GilbertBME
Radhakrishnan MahadevanChemE
Raviraj AdveECE
Rodrigo Fernandez-GonzalezBME
Roman GenovECE
Roy KwonMIE
Samin ArefMIE
Scott SannerMIE
Sean HumECE
Sebastian GoodfellowCivMin
Seungjae LeeCivMin
Seyed Mohamad MoosaviChemE
Shahrokh ValaeeECE
Shoshanna SaxeCivMin
Shumit SahaIHMPE
Shurui ZhouECE
Sinisa ColicMIE
Stark DraperECE
Steven WaslanderUTIAS
Tamer El-DirabyCivMin
Tim BarfootUTIAS
Timothy ChanMIE
Vahid SarhangianMIE
Will CluettChemE
Xilin LiuECE
Xinyu LiuMIE
Yuri LawryshynChemE