AI/ML opportunities at MITACS

As the hub for Analytics and AI collaborations at UofT’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE), CARTE is pleased to share information on the following MITACS Accelerate opportunities. Please contact Wil de Vega to check if these opportunities are still available and information on next steps. All MITACS Accelerate internships must have an academic supervisor associated with the project. The faculty supervisor can be from any department within the FASE,  including teaching stream professors (contingent on the approval from the Chair of the department). We advise students to browse through the profiles of CARTE affiliate faculty, as well as other faculty within FASE, to find potential supervisors. If you need additional guidance, please contact us.


Province of internshipProject #Project TypeIndustry PartnerProject NameAcademic DisciplinesEducation Level# of internships
BCBC - 842InnovationIndustrio AI INC.Digital Companion Computer science, Mathematics, Statistics / Actuarial sciencesUndergraduate/Bachelor, Master's1
QCQC - 738ResearchAnonymousEfficient multivariate anomaly detection in supply chainEngineering - computer / electrical, Engineering - other, Computer scienceMaster's, PhD1
ONON - 850InnovationUnileverUnilever's Precision Forecasting: Innovating for Enhanced Accuracy and EfficiencyEngineering - computer / electricalMaster's, PhD1
ONON - 851InnovationUnileverTransparency in Motion: Unilever's Smart Delisting Implementation ToolEngineering - computer / electricalMaster's, PhD1
ONON - 852InnovationUnileverUnilever Intelligence: Unleashing Insights with Large Language ModelsEngineering - computer / electricalMaster's, PhD1
ONON - 855InnovationNXTChain Technologies Inc.TailoredNodeNet Incentive Framework For A Network Of BlockchainsEngineering - computer / electrical, Computer science, MathematicsMaster's, PhD1
ONON - 856ResearchCentre for Addiction and Mental HealthAI-chatbot intervention to treat individuals with alcohol use disordersEngineering - biomedical, Engineering - computer / electrical, Computer scienceMaster's, PhD, PDF1 to 3
ONON - 859ResearchAudioworks Inc.Audioworks Inc.- Algorithms & AI Education, Social Sciences & Humanities, Interactive arts and technology, MusicCollege, Undergraduate/Bachelors, Master's, PhD, PDF, Recent Graduate4