Catalyze significant and lasting impact

The world is becoming increasingly data rich. Translating existing and emerging knowledge in analytics and artificial intelligence (A/AI) is critical to creating solutions with broad economic and societal impact. There are opportunities for all industries to exploit the pipeline of ideas, tools and talent developing in this space.

"AI has the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030."

McKinsey & Co. (2018)

"84 per cent of those surveyed indicated that the use of Big Data analytics 'has the power to shift the competitive landscape for my industry' within just the next year."

General Electric & Accenture (2014)

"The share of jobs requiring AI skills in the US has grown 4.5x since 2013."

— as cited in AI Index 2017 Annual Report

"Shortfall of roughly 250,000 data scientists [by 2024]."

McKinsey Global Institute (2016)

CARTE serves as a hub to connect U of T Engineering to external stakeholders, including industry, students and researchers. Contact CARTE to learn more about research partnership opportunities:

  • Collaborative research projects with industry, community, and government partners that drive economic and social impact through A/AI
  • Increased ROI by leveraging government and other granting programs