AI Learning for All Audiences

CARTE aims to provide training and education resources for AI and ML to all audiences, from students and faculty members to our external industry partners. This page highlights some of our recent initiatives.

Conference Debrief Sessions

To best help students take advantage of recent online and hybrid conferences in AI and ML fields, CARTE has offered a number of hosted discussion sessions following popular conferences. These sessions allow students and faculty alike to discuss recent developments in their areas, share interesting papers, and help each other to better understand complex work.

In the past we have hosted conference debrief sessions for AAAI and NeurIPS.

Cloud Computing Workshop

This November, CARTE will be offering a workshop to University of Toronto faculty members on working with Digital Research Alliance of Canada (formerly Compute Canada) computing resources. This workshop will train faculty members on obtaining access to advanced computing clusters, providing students with resources, and training deep learning models on the system.

Education Pathways

Education Pathways is a CARTE initiative to improve student access to information on AI and ML courses at the university. At present, we offer a prototype tool which uses natural language processing to search more comprehensively for a student's search terms. This tool is also used for training purposes in an undergraduate class in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.