CARTE Initiatives

Enhancing new and established industries through analytics and AI

External Research Partnerships

In addition to supporting University of Toronto faculty in developing AI and ML research, CARTE has supported multiple external research partners. Interested external parties can contact us for more information on getting involved with CARTE.


As the hub for Analytics and AI collaborations at UofT’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE), CARTE is pleased to share information on MITACS Accelerate opportunities. All MITACS Accelerate internships must have an academic supervisor associated with the project. The faculty supervisor can be from any department within the FASE,  including teaching stream professors (contingent on the approval from the Chair of the department). For a list of MITACS opportunities, click here.


External Training

CARTE offers a number of customizable options for external partner training. In the past these have included:

Executive training: A 2-hour executive training session by an experienced faculty member on applications of A/AI/ML in digital transformation of industries. The session is aimed at executive leadership team (ELT) to help them gain a strategic perspective into high impact areas where the organization is likely to reap the most benefit out of A/AI/ML applications, and can include a facilitated initial discussion on priorities and feasibility of potential use cases.

Project prioritization consultation: Collaboration with CARTE on classifying proposed use cases two streams 1) A hackathon type event where selected employees work on identified projects; or 2) A longer term collaboration with the university of Toronto to allow a deep dive into the projects by graduate students

Bootcamp: A short series of intensive training seminars on A/AI/ML, targeted at high AI/ML potential employees. The training takes place on UofT campus.

Industry Speaker Series

CARTE hosts regular seminars on the applications of machine learning in various industries. Our industry speakers are experts in their field and share their insights on how machine learning is used to improve efficiency and productivity in their workplace. If you're curious about how machine learning can be applied in a wide range of industries, please join us!

Companies whose employees have previously presented at our industry speaker series.
Companies whose employees have previously presented at our industry speaker series.


Last year, CARTE supported the development of the UAutomate Challenge, a Robotic Process Automation hackathon run by UofT students in partnership with BluePrism.

Job Board

CARTE maintains an AI/ML job board, hosting openings relevant to the field which are advertised to our pool of undergraduate and graduate students. To find out more click here.